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Twenty nine years in business has allowed us the opportunity to establish some long lasting business relationships. We strive to provide top of the line coating systems with affordable prices to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We're well versed in both conventional coating systems as well as the new age technology products. We cater to all types of industries and can handle material  from structural, pipe and tanks to machine parts, trailers and heavy equipment utilizing approximately 9000 sq. ft. to perform both coating and inspection work.

 Our typical blast media is of a medium grade to provide the proper profile for industrial maintenance coatings. However, we can utilize most types and sizes of blast media to meet your blasting needs. Our blast facility is 30' x 40' with an 18' ceiling and we can adapt as needed to handle all parts, both large and small.

Having a NACE Certified Coating Inspector - Level 3 on staff allows us to offer coating inspection services ranging from visual pre blast inspections all the way through to holiday detection with complete certainty that we can comply with the most stringent of specifications.

Our 3 acre facility offers us ample storage for those larger projects. Coupling that with our close proximity to Louisville and the easy interstate access helps make us an attractive option.

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